Tuesday, 16 August 2011


Things to do on a bank holiday weekend in Vienna if you want the weekend to be perfect:

1. Pick up your best friend from the train station. Go to the farmer's market, buy walnut bread. Eat Viennese breakfast at a typical Viennese Konditorei.
2. Get on your bikes, cycle from one Pawlatsche (courtyard) to the other.
3. Eat great pizza, go to a small cinema, watch "Never Let Me Go". Cycle home, singing your favourite songs loudly while doing so.
4. Eat walnut bread for breakfast. Drive to Lower Austria, do some more cycling, this time along the Danube and through the fields.
5. Drive back to Vienna, watch a silly Hollywood movie, discuss the movie.
6. Have breakfast in the sunshine in the back garden, then go for a swim in the Danube. Make vegan pancakes, go for a walk.
7. Go to the Museum of Constructed Languages and the Museum of Globes. Drink tea and eat a pastry at another traditional Konditorei.


  1. cycling, vegan pancakes, movies and museums! this does sound like a perfect weekend! and those courtyards look beautiful!

  2. I know, it was amazing! Urlaub daheim!

  3. urlaub daheim sounds so much better than staycation, as i've heard it called in english!