Sunday, 13 February 2011

tried and tested

I've obviously figured out what I like. Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. I'm getting rid of anything else. I wish I could do a big clothes swap, but none of my friends are my size/would want to wear girly dresses.
I found a Barbour jacket at a second hand shop at my local tram stop. Like all of my favourite jackets, it's a protective layer against looks and rain drops. It was cheap, too.
Here's a list of my top 5 hand-me-downs (my favourite things to wear are things that my parents/friends don't want anymore):
1. My dad's old crew neck jumper which I borrowed last spring when it was cold. He forgot about it, I wore it all the time and when I reminded him he said I could have it because it was "too big" for him anyway.
2. My blue scarf is actually my mum's. It has also been a wind shield, a head scarf when it was raining, a blanket during flights and a long skirt in various mosques/churches in South Eastern Europe.
3. My favourite short skirt, pictured above, was given to me by a friend who had thrifted it only to realise that it didn't fit her.
4. My trenchcoat used to be my mum's as well. Thank you, mum. It has made walking down a street 100 times more fun.
5. My grandma's straw hat has protected me from getting sunburned/passing out in Macedonia.

(Honorable mention to the t-shirts and sweaters that I stole from Kevin.)


  1. ooh ich will auch eine barbour jacke... in london sind die alle voll teuer... wien is wohl bissl hinten nach mit den trends ;-)
    gefällst mir!

  2. 25€! War aber 2nd hand. Ein Glücksfall, hab mir immer Originale auf der Website angeschaut haha.

  3. Bevor du was wegschmeißt, lass es mich anschaun! Wegschmeißen is böse.

  4. Weggeworfen wird eh nix, kommt alles zu Humana. Aber ich bring den Sack gerne vorher bei dir vorbei.