Tuesday, 8 February 2011

people at night

I spend my days in the library where strange old men whisper about Ancient Greek grammar. When I get home, it's already dark. Artificial light everywhere, I do not like that. There's this Rilke poem, one of my favourites, that perfectly sums up how I feel in places where people gather under lightbulbs. Die Menschen sind furchtbar vom Licht entstellt, das von ihren Gesichtern träuft. There's an English translation here and I must say that it's extremly strange to read this most German of poetry in English.

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  1. Can you describe how it feels different to read them in two languages?

    I was reading the duino elegies earlier today, and lamenting my inability to understand German. Even when there are bits I enjoy, I feel like I never can fully, and there is always something missing.

    Like I am reading the words secondhand, obscured by something I can't really see or identify. Not being able to understand what it is that is lost.