Thursday, 3 February 2011

hair = evil


My hairdresser told me that you can get plastic surgery if you want your chin to look more defined. Apparently lots of famous people do that.
I also read an article about the "year-zero face" the other day.
Call me naive, but why is everything so crazy? It's not just about Botox either - the other day I talked to a (female) friend who used to go to art school where it was en vogue for women not to shave their legs/armpits. My friend didn't like the idea, to put it mildly. Why?
Whenever I read a magazine, there are articles about Brazilians and where to get your eyebrows plucked and stuff like that. I just feel totally out of the loop, is this the norm now? Even here in this most relaxed of countries where nobody seems to know about manicures or eyeliner?

A wise woman told me, "It's ridiculous, your mothers burned their bras and now you're putting them back on." It's true.


  1. Defined from what? the air around it??

    In the middle of my local shopping centre there is a beauty bar, so if you are out shopping and - CRISIS - suddenly realise your eyebrows are BUSHY you can get them threaded (plucked using thread, basically).

    It gets scarier. Over here, one of the fastest growing comestic procedures is the labiaplasty, which involves trimming and 'neatening' the inner labia. In some cases it's obviously a medical thing, but for lots of women it's about feeling their genitals aren't pretty enough. Good (but sad and scary) article here:

    I don't know why it is so, so crazy. Part of me thinks it's about control: we have seen the legal and economic power of women growing over the last century, so the hyper-intense focus on what our bodies should be like, making us feel bad about them when they aren't and providing time-consuming, intricate and sometimes dangerous fixes is a way of ensuring women remain belittled in some way. A way of reminding women that their primary goal in life (or, a pretty important one) should be making themselves attractive (in very particular ways, not just what they consider attractive).

    Also, I guess all these new procedures can exist because women have their own money to pay for them.

  2. It's the reason i never buy magazines these days. Apart from the select few that are actually good (frankie, bust and oh comely.. not sure what's available in austria though?) x

  3. interesting post... I also don't read fashion magazines anymore... I think I lose myself a little everytime I finish one...

  4. I love hair. Female hair is seen as disgusting when male hair is natural: such a double standard. Also: it's just hair. Who even has the time to care whether anyone else is threading their eyebrows or not? I agree with Eleanor.

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  6. Glabermania!
    It’s an appropriately disgusting word.
    And also:
    :( :( Why???