Thursday, 24 February 2011


Hello. Here are some things that have kept me amused recently.
1. The Surf The City trilogy is wonderful: Short films about skating/surfing the streets of Madrid. Now I can't wait until I can be out in the streets again. Watch them, they're amazing. Madrid sure is a great place to skate, the pavements are much more smooth than those in Vienna and there are big squares and open spaces, perfect. I remember thinking how wonderful it must be to ride your bike around the city when I stayed there. One day I'll go back.
2. I watched The King's Speech and yes, I liked it a lot. Especially the music. My favourite Mozart concerto was played during the credits, and I've hummed this wonderful Beethoven symphony ever since the king made his important speech. Lovely.
3. Awkward Ed Miliband Moments and Intense Moments With Ed Balls. No words needed.


  1. I was just about to email you the awkward ed miliband moments! aah, his little face.

    And gone but not forgotten:

  2. Hahaha aww. Today I stumbled upon this epic piece of epicness (sorry for that):
    "We shall return, say the backgammon brothers." I wish my siblings and I had reached that level of nerdiness.

  3. I just came from watching "the king's speech" and can only agree... I love well place classical music in films (another recent incident for me was mahler's quartet for piano and strings in a minor in shutter island).

  4. Damn, I love your haircut!

    Mathias -