Friday, 31 December 2010


Goodbye 2010. Here are five moments that I'll remember:

1. July. It was hot, really hot, and I had to finish an essay. My brain felt as if it was melting, so Kevin and I went for a swim in the Danube. We walked to the river in our shorts and t-shirts, stayed in the water for 15 minutes and then walked back. That was the nicest thing I did all year.
2. June, a trip to Macedonia and Greece. We spent hours and hours on the bus and I saw fields and mountains and villages. I was reading Alastair Campbell's diaries and it was the biggest contrast I could think of: In my head, bitchy politicians, drama, London. Everywhere around me, heat, the past, seemingly analytical scholarship.
3. September. I was cycling to the archive, the streets were deserted, everything was calm and lovely. I was listening to politics podcasts and giggling to myself.
4. March. On the plane back from New York, I started to read Isherwood's "A Single Man" and wanted to cry.
5. August/September. I hugged my best friends one last time before they moved to far-away countries. You probably know that feeling when your body can still recall a touch, when you look upon yourself as if it was a movie. That's what it was like.

Thanks for reading, readers. Tell me about something that made you happy in 2010. Anything.


  1. als hannah und ich abends an meinem geburtstag (15. august) mit dem fahrrad vom karaoke singen nach hause gefahren sind und dabei lily allens "22" von anfang bis ende gesungen haben <3

  2. vom kino zurücklaufen, durch den park und den schnee stapfen, im park, was ich vorher noch nie gemacht habe, weil es ein park ist und dunkel war.

  3. ende juni sieben tage berliner hitze irgendwo zwischen fußball-wm, prenzlauer-berg-sommerabendidylle, präsidentenwahl, verdorrtem gras im park und beste-freundinnen-momente.

  4. 1. This one night with my dude where we drove up to the airport and lay on picnic tables and watched planes take off.
    2. Spending two weeks in The Netherlands with my step aunt, making art and getting drunk.
    3. An evening a few weeks ago, also with my dude, when we walked around this strange field sandwiched between a dam and a highway and it was sososo cold but so lovely.

    (ps. reading your blog is always a pleasure.)