Wednesday, 3 November 2010

memories, oh, the memories

Day 17 - Your favourite memory

Impossible to choose. Here are three memories that I'm very fond of.
1. My brother and I cycled home together in late summer and I remember we stopped at a traffic light and we were laughing so hard. I can't even remember what we were laughing about, or why I still remember it at all, but it was a really happy moment.
2. I had just come home from New York and it was early morning, the streets were quiet and sunny and so unlike New York. And I fell asleep feeling completely comfortable and at home. I've never felt so safe in all my life. It was one of the best days of my life, possibly because I was asleep most of the time.
3. Sitting on the back of a bike in Utrecht and watching everything and everyone.


  1. love this, i might use the idea for my blog if that is ok :)

  2. go ahead, I'm looking forward to reading it!