Thursday, 4 November 2010



Day 18 - Your favourite birthday

Birthdays are always nice because I basically wake up every year and unpack my presents in the living room in my pyjamas. And because it's March it's daffodil season - can't remember a birthday without daffodils. My favourite birthday was way back when I was fifteen (I think), my friends organised a surprise party for me and two others. It was at a friend's flat, a huge lovely flat and we stayed all night. I think we basically watched films and played pool and talked. It was pretty special, quite innocent really, but lovely. I eventually fell asleep in an armchair. Everyone was so nice.


  1. hey there, stranger girl.

    i stumbled over your blog a few months ago now via lisa's meerstaub blog... i was at university with her.

    today, i found it again, and hey, i just wanted to tell you that i like reading your stories and thoughts, although i completely don't know who you are... maybe (and of course) that makes it so interesting.

    Keep on writing!
    Greets from vienna

  2. Lisa is my cousin. Nothing mysterious about that! Thanks though, I appreciate it.