Tuesday, 5 October 2010

just for a second I stopped breathing


A couple of weeks ago I picked up my old Lomo camera and realised that there was a film inside which I had forgotten about. So I took some pictures on the hill, then waited impatiently for the drug store to reveal the secrets of those forgotten photographs. It was raining when I looked at them for the first time, standing on the corner of two miserable, ugly streets.
Most of the pictures were taken exactly a year ago, September 2009. Looking at them made me feel ill, dizzy, angry, and more than anything, sad. I'd forgotten what it had been like: visiting tiny villages in Lower Austria, walking round Stockholm.
No more words. I can't stop listening to this song.


  1. There’s something about old photos from bygone times that hits you right in the heart even if they don’t have emotional subjects ... when they do, it’s even worse. I feel with you, even if it doesn’t do any good. :(

  2. as long as you don't feel like me, all is well :)

  3. i looked at these pictures while at school, and they got stuck in my head. usually they say a lyric from a song or a tune gets stuck in your head and it wouldn t leave until you listen to the song again, but here i am, a living testimony of the fact that, yes, pictures do get stuck in your head:) So, after i got home i had to see them again, and go on with my life. I think they have that" je ne sais quoi?"(yes, i googled it:) that i would like to have but i don t know how to get it.anyways, have a nice day:)

  4. oh, that's really nice! I often have images or phrases or words stuck in my head, so I can relate.
    But the charm of these pictures is quite simply that they've been taken with a peculiar camera in a wonderful city with nice light. Nothing tricky or special about that.

  5. Today I've had (a) one line of a Burt Bacharach song and (b) the word 'substrate' stuck in my head. To the extent that I said to myself earlier 'I don't think this black rye bread makes a very good substrate for cheese on toast'.

    A bit trivial compared to the other comments here, but I felt the urge to share. Perhaps you can have an urge 'stuck in your head', too?

    Follow-up: it turned out I was wrong. It was (formed?) an excellent substrate.

  6. Brian, thanks for sharing, you made me laugh - "substrate" is a great word!
    And I'm pretty sure that it's impossible to get rid of an urge once you have it.