Thursday, 7 October 2010

too dark


Do you know the feeling when you've had so many nightmares that the feeling doesn't go away even after you've woken up, washed your hair and had your first cup of tea?


  1. If I feel something like you're writing about, I always sink them in my cup of morning tea.

  2. i have just found your blog and i must say you've got incredible pictures! consider me your new follower :)

  3. Hmm... I have occasionally woken up from a bad dream and remembered nothing of it except for a really strong emotion. Usually guilt. Very unpleasant.

    Is that what you mean?

    P.S. That is the creepiest photo ever. It looks like one of those photos you see where people claim they've captured a ghost or a doppelgänger or some ectoplasm or whatever on film.

  4. Yes I do, too. As for Brian, it's mostly more the emotion which is so lasting and disturbing. It's especially bad when I'm woken up by the alarm clock and have to hurry and therefore can't think about the dream. That strange feeling then often sticks with me for the whole day and I often realize very late that it's actually just a "souvenir" from a weird dream.
    I just very recently stumbled over this blog and I really like your photographs, btw.