Sunday, 24 October 2010

speaking in whispers


Day 07 - Your best friend

Kevin is my best friend. My best friend likes lying down on stones and jumping into pictures. We met in a club more than four years ago. I had seen him before at concerts and he looked so strange, like a young, tanned Severus Snape, that I had wondered what he could be like. He was a friend of a friend. After our first conversation I thought that this was one of the weirdest persons I had ever met and that the possibility of us getting along was basically non-existant - he didn't like books, you see, and he danced to music that made my ears bleed.
I was wrong. It didn't take long until we spent most of our time together.
Kevin is interested in things I'm not interested in. Kevin likes computer games and I like stories. Kevin likes illusions and I like realism. Kevin still likes music that makes my ears bleed. But we never run out of things to talk about. It's possible to have a proper discussion about things with him, to disagree violently even. He's got very strong views and he makes me think a third times about things I've already thought twice about. He's enthusiastic and funny and brutally honest and just as strange as I expected. He makes me feel at ease which is what best friends are all about, isn't it? The ability to do nothing special together? We fight in public and get on the nerves of everyone who is forced to be in our company like the most annoying double-act you can imagine. We have similar haircuts and insider jokes. He gives good advice. We look out for each other. As Edward Ferrars says, "Your friendship has been the most important of my life" ("You will always have it") and since he's moved away, I've felt like one of my limbs is missing.


  1. i am sorry to hear that your best friend moved away : (

  2. Lovely. I've been enjoying this whole meme. Your descriptions of family and friendship have been spot on.