Monday, 18 October 2010

hello everyone

Day 01 – Introduce yourself

Hello, my name is Theodora. I live in Vienna where I study history and work as a guide in a museum. I've lived in the same part of town all my life and like it a lot round here, but most of my money is still spent on travelling. I'm very close to my family and am very happy to have two brothers who are about my age. We have a peculiar sense of humour and often spend lots of time talking about The Simpsons or watching films we've already seen way too often. One of them told me that I looked "like a farmer from the 18th century who has accidentally put on a dress" when I was wearing the outfit above. Some of my best friends live abroad which means that I spend a lot of time in front of the computer talking to them. My friend Luise has recently written very funny and moving bits as a reply to this meme and I decided to do it too.
Here are some things I like: I enjoy reading, especially British novels. My current obsession is listening to Radio 4, especially the history programmes. My favourite kind of music is typically pretty twee, but I also think that the last three minutes of the new Sufjan Stevens album are simply beautiful. Not so keen on the Autotune parts of the album though.
Right now I'm listening to this song on repeat. I wish there was an indiepop club in Vienna, but there isn't, so I hardly go out. I'm more of a tea-and-cake person. I like cycling and walks in the forest and hiking in the mountains, but don't get to do it often enough. I learned Latin and Ancient Greek at school and Norwegian and Greek at university, but unfortunately I'm definitely best at Latin. I've stopped eating sugar and meat recently, and I've tried to buy less. I like photography and wish I knew more about it. My sense of humour is a bit rubbish/childish, it's probably stupid to laugh about stuff like this for ages and ages. I really appreciate absurd or bizarre situations, so much in fact that I have a document where all the odd stuff that can be found in (historical) primary sources is put. My favourite so far is a telegram from 1912: "Lage unverändert, Bevölkerung erregt." Nicely put.
I'm not sure anymore what I'm going to do with the rest of my life, but I hope it will be something worthwhile. Today several good things have happened: Strangers smiled at me, I read the most interesting report about the Balkan Wars, my mother cooked noodle soup because I wasn't feeling well, my best friend sent me a digital book about religion and a professor sent me a nice e-mail. In real life I'm terrible at introducing myself and often feel a bit anxious around people I don't know very well.


  1. was für ein wunderbares outfit!!

  2. I think your brother is unkind and inaccurate. I especially like the scarf, but it's all good. (But I must not comment on fashion: I write this in 2nd-hand socks, my oldest blue shorts, and my oldest ex-burgundy sloppy joe.)

    I enjoyed that song. Ta.

    AND, by a (slightly) strange coincidence, I had my students do much this same exercise today (in less detail): "Hi, my name is [insert name], and sometimes I feel like...".

  3. amazing. i can't wait for the rest. i admire you already!

  4. Hi!
    i am adina and sometimes when i read your blog i feel like i can do impossible things.(like wearing yellow tights)by the way you look very cute and i have this feeling that you are a very lovely person .keep postine.