Wednesday, 27 October 2010

cotton, yes please


Day 10 - What you wore today

My comfy, soft organic cotton t-shirt. A blue shirt that I got at Uniqlo in New York which I love. My stepmother's old navy skirt which you can't see on the photo because it's too dark, but it's my favourite. A leather belt. A blue cashmere cardigan which I bought 2nd hand in Edinburgh because I was so cold I needed extra (cashmere) layers. Black tights, origin unknown. Clark's Desert Boots, my one true love - I had wanted a pair forever and then my mum bought them for me in New York and I'm forever grateful. My mum's old Burberry coat aka my other one true love. Apparently my parents each bought one in the 70s. It's fun to walk around town with my dad when we're both wearing our coats. My green and beige scarf reminds me of Harry Potter and it used to belong to either my grandma or my grandpa, I don't know.


  1. Ich war heute ur ähnlich angezogen, aber mit Hose. :) /random.

    Auch: Ich glaub mir is grade durch deinen Text hier zum ersten Mal bewusst geworden, dass man heutzutage sowohl eine Mutter als auch eine Stiefmutter haben kann, was irgendwie total seltsam ist ... Oder?

  2. I love the boots, in february I bought a pair of purple desert boots and I love them but I wish I'd gone for camel or navy because they look too matchey with anything purple and too purple for anything else I own!