Friday, 25 December 2009

since it's Christmas let's be glad

We got up yesterday morning and started to make cookies - Konstantin did the real work, Nikolaus and I tried to deal with the icing. Mostly, we listened to German gangsta rap and The Beatles though. When we were finished, there was chocolate everywhere.

Coffee at my father's place. We always fail at taking a proper family portrait. Later, my brothers put on Madonna and we danced around - my baby brother's dance moves are incredible, really. There was a lot of really cheesy music that day, probably because it's so much fun.

My brothers always buy our tree and each year it seems to be a bigger one than before. This one is particularly magnificient though. We do the same things every year and I suppose it's not much different from what other people do: There's singing and eating of course. There are presents which make us happy - I was really pleased because my family seemed to like what I got them. Nikolaus got an iphone and we now live in fear of embarrassing footage being shown to an unsuspecting public audience. I've got enough tea to start a shop now, great new books to read (currently reading Jacob Burckhardt's account of Renaissance Italy, loving it) and great tights (like the Chanel two-tone ones). My family knows me too well!
Today, Eurosport showed re-runs of every skijumping event I didn't watch this season; we played Uno; I read about lots of blood being spilt among the nobility. I just love Christmas.

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  1. oh wow das familienfoto is fantastisch, die farben... die gesichter, wirklich fernsehreif! ... ich wünsch euch natürlich auch allen schöne weihnachten, hoffe wir sehen uns bald!