Monday, 12 October 2009

ungh the soliloquy

What xkcd is to computer nerds, Hark! A Vagrant is to me. It's the best comic I've seen on the internet. (In real life, I'll always be devoted to Asterix and Calvin&Hobbes because I like Romans and stuffed tigers, obviously.) If you're into history and literature at all, you'll probably like it. Jokes about Charlotte Corday murdering Marat? The Northwest Passage? Benjamin Disraeli? There's even one about Herodotus and Thucydides. Though it must be said that anyone who produces a half-decent comic about Napoleon would win me over because, err, it's Napoleon and that's always funny in a slightly scary way?
Enough talk, more comics:

Ahahaha this one is so good, why am I the only one who still likes Robespierre though? His methods were, well, flawed... well, maybe not so great after all. He was a bit of a genius though! An evil genius. Ah, I just really like the French Revolution, it's so complicated and varied, all the different plans and revolutionaries. Not like South Eastern European history at all - if you're not a complete noob who gets confused about where the Balkans even are, that is. The other day I eavesdropped on some students. I couldn't help it, they were sitting next to me on the train. Here goes:

A (aka 19-year-old Austrian sports student): So, where you from?
B: Well, I was born in Bosnia, but raised in Germany.
A: Huh. You don't look Serbian.
B: Well, I'm not Serbian. I'm Bosnian.
A: Ah, you know. Eastern, I mean.
Theodora: WHAT?!?!?!?

Oh the shame. It made me SO SAD. It's both politically and geographically incorrect. If it had been me, I'd have started explaining about why exactly it might not be sensitive (let alone sensible) to say things like that, but I suppose that boy was slightly more intelligent/tolerant than me and knew when to let things be...



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