Tuesday, 13 October 2009

give me back my boots you swine

I've been hanging round
everywhere you go in town
watching you forget me
I want to see you crack
I'm going to get you back
put your hands up baby

Camera Obscura - Hands Up Baby

Autumn is really here and therefore people should listen to moody music, if you ask me. And nothing's as moody as a nice, creepy duet. Camera Obscura make me feel warm and cosy which is perfect right now - last week it was so warm that tights were not needed and now it's 9 degrees and I'm freezing. Where's the nice 14 degrees interlude which makes people like autumn? I suspect it only exists in other countries.
The concert was great by the way, definitely better than the other times I've seen them. I still wish they had played more of their older stuff ("Underachievers..." is by far their best album in my opinion) which officially makes me a grumpy, elderly indieperson I suppose? They did play "Teenager" and "Eighties Fan" which almost made me cry, but nothing else.


  1. Das Bild ist wunderbaaar. Colour me envious!!
    Ich teile deine Melancholie bezüglich der Schweinekälte. Das ist der Klimawandel! Der raubt uns die Übergangszeit und alles is nur mehr extrem. Da muss ich gleich weinen.

  2. Hey there. I really like your blog. And Camera Obscura:)