Tuesday, 11 August 2009

tracks and field

I've taken a lot of pictures with my Lomo camera recently because it's so simple and I'm into the shoot-from-the-hip aesthetics again. Here're some pictures of Indietracks and I promise this is the last time you'll hear me going on about it. At least for now.

train to come
The girl in the middle taking a picture saw me looking down upon the scene through my camera, grinned and then got her own camera out.

Luise and Johannes
Kevin and I walked out of what the Cats of Fire singer called the "shed" after a concert and found Luise and Johannes who was smoking a cigarette before going inside. I keep forgetting that smoking is forbidden everywhere but in Austria.

rainy Indietracks
There was a steamtrain behind me, that's why Kevin is taking a picture. Stereo Total had just played and we had been dancing in the mud.

waiting for the train
Waiting for the train where Manhattan Love Suicides were about to play an acoustic set. However, it was so crowded that Kevin and I couldn't get in. Luise later told us that MLS had announced their break-up.

All my pictures look so grey and rainy, but really, this is what we did for the first two days - lie in the grass and listen to Modular/Sucrette/etc.


  1. I'm so jealous you went to Indietracks. I've really enjoyed and loved all your mentions, photographs, and posts on it.

    That first photo is such magic! The sky looks unreal because it's so beautifully perfect.

    And I am SO out of the loop! I had no idea Manhattan Love Suicides split :(

  2. Aww thanks. It was truly awesome and I was so happy to be there, let's just hope it doesn't turn into one of those festivals people attend because of the "experience" and not because they're into the music...

    MLS basically announced it at Indietracks as far as I know. Apparently the singer and the bassist had split up and that was one of the reasons?