Thursday, 13 August 2009

beaming and heartbroken


These photos might as well be a summary of the past few days even though they've been taken back in June. My brother and I have been lazily hanging out at home, I've been rearranging my room and listening to Liechtenstein obsessively - most of Sunday was spent going through my cd collection and putting it in an even more autobiographical and admittedly random order. The thought that noone but I would know where to find an album is quite nice and egotistical.
Cat and I had a breakfast like the one pictured once again, it's one of my favourite things to do - spending hours on fruit salad and tea and cake. She's actually staying at my place for a bit and it's all a bit like an endless breakfast.

David Guterson was, as predicted, a great read, very manly in a way. "The Other" is the story of two friends, one of whom decides to live in the woods near Seattle as a sort of hermit. Very American in a way, a book my brother is going to like as well. It seems that this summer is turning into a current-literature-fest for me which feels very strange. At least "At Swim, Two Boys" was set in the 1910's, something I'm familiar with, but "The Other" takes place mostly in the 70's and the book I'm currently reading, Alan Hollinghurst's "The Line of Beauty", is a portrait of the Thatcher-era. It's very unfamiliar and sometimes I long for a reassuring description of, I don't know, a ballroom maybe, or afternoon tea. But at the same time it's interesting to discover that, no matter when it was written, fiction always stays the same. I used to think that great fiction had to be old, as a matter of course. What a foolish notion. After all, Hollinghurst won the Man Booker Prize for a reason and I already know that I'll be fawning on him for some time. "The Line of Beauty" is easily going to be my favourite read of the summer. It makes me say stuff out loud which is a good thing. I actually like it so much that I don't want to talk about it really - I don't share well and if it was possible I'd keep everything I love to myself.

And one last thing, surely Teenage Fanclub's "Did I Say" is one of the most perfect lovesongs of all time?

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  1. Beautiful pictures. Cat looks like Annie Hall. <3
    + I like your new layout. :)