Tuesday, 25 August 2009

skin colour


Reading and cycling is about all I do these days. Well, sometimes I watch TV with Nikolaus and eat lemon sorbet. It's completely incomprehensible to me why people are looking forward to autumn - I do so enjoy not having to worry about clothes that keep me warm. The only thing I have to consider right now is if it is appropriate for cycling. (Heels - not a good idea. Tried and failed.) Already cursing the day when I won't be able to wear this dress anymore, it's my new favourite.


  1. Apropo Kleider und so - gehst du - www.aninite.at - M.

  2. i am the exact opposite - i prefer most of my dresses with tights and jumbled layers of jumpers, cardigans and coats. many a time have i overheated because of a stubborn attachment to hosiery.

    your dress is lovely, thumbs up to tiered ruffles (and it will look ace with tights :) )

  3. Ah well, I do like tights and cardigans! You're a typical Brit, aren't you?

    Thanks - Topshop of course...

  4. oh sehr hübsch!!

    duu ich liebäugle mit samstag, kann man das sagen, egal also ich ziehe in erwägung samstag abend etwas zu machen und wollte fragen ob du da zeit hast? ich bin mir nur noch nicht sicher weil ich nicht weiß wie ich es mit dem lernfortschritt halte. aber theoretisch theodora?

  5. Wow, that dress is truly amazing. It's got such lovely structure.

    I'm one of those incomprehensibles that are looking forward to autumn. It's mostly just 'cause I can't stand the stickiness of the heat.