Thursday, 6 August 2009


seeking shelter from the rain
prior to losing our umbrella

Indietracks was joyful. I didn't take that many pictures because I was busy enjoying myself. Basically, there are trains, both big and small, steamy and non-steamy. There are indiepop bands on stages and then there are indiepop bands dancing at the other bands' concerts. There are friendly popkids, both old, young and very young, i.e. children of the older ones. There's a green hill where you sit in the grass and watch La Casa Azul or Speedmarket Avenue. There are only people around who are really into the music - none of that "oh, I'm going to a festival because festivals are cool" rubbish. I liked that, the fact that there were other people dancing wildly to Cats on Fire:

I liked seeing Wake The President play in the tiny church and I liked how the Italian guy who sat next to me made dancing movements with his hands as well.
We had a sunny Saturday and a rainy Sunday. But even the Sunday was alright because it stopped raining after a while and in the meantime we just bought tea.
I saw some of the best concerts of my life. I discovered some amazing new bands. I wanted to take the whole thing home with me - just being somewhere with people who actually share one's enthusiasm for the same bands was amazing, especially when there's not the slightest chance of seeing most of these bands at home. One of the best bits might have been the Mighty Mighty concert. At one point, the singer asked if anyone in the audience had been at a concert of theirs in 1987 (or something). "Three people? Two of whom we are married to now. Hmm." The wifes and the children where dancing next to Kevin and I. Like I said, joyful.
Or, to quote the man who kept saying, "Twee kids! Stop handing out sweets!" during his gig:

"I loved it."
Eddie Argos, Art Brut

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