Sunday, 9 August 2009

i like how bands describe themselves on their myspace(s)

(The Lucksmiths)

(Los Campesinos!)

(Little My) (I agree, by the way.)

(Julian Nation)

(Little Pictures) (Nicest band on earth, really.)

Oh, and according to a moody message by Erlend on their myspace, the new Kings of Convenience album is apparently ready now and will be out in October? About time, too. They seem to have finally recorded "The Boat Behind" and I'm really looking forward to hearing all the new songs, finally hearing Eirik again. Erlend Oye seems to be everywhere and I guess that's alright, but after hearing The Whitest Boy Alive in a McDonalds in England (and everywhere else, it seems), I've had enough of that particular project of his for a while. Best get back to the roots.

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