Sunday, 30 August 2009

for Diane


  1. Dot, thank you for this! It's so nice of you to actually take a photo of the campaign you liked.

    I remember seeing this on Margaret Howell's official website but for some reason, neglected to take a screen shot of it for my post.

    Also, I like how your board is not cluttered with a million different photos and cut-outs. I quite like how minimalist and selective yours is.

  2. Ah well, it's not a super professional photo or anything :) glad you like it!
    The board used to be even less cluttered, but being suddenly annoyed with Erlend Oye of Whitest Boy Alive/Kings of Convenience fame and having a crush on the Margaret Howell boygirl worked together quite well!

  3. ... ich hoff ich nerv dich jetzt nicht schon, aber wäre schon morgen in wien - hast du da auch zeit : ) ?