Sunday, 3 May 2009

do it

List some things that make you happy.

bikes, nail polish, my dad's old soft t-shirts with Greek words on them, the wallpaper in my room, my professor's funny accent, Harry Potter (Draco Malfoy), nice old people, speaking slang language with my brother, Skype emoticons, when children like me, A's, barefootness, die Bobbewegung, making up new words, mozzarella when it's melted, dancing, the first chapter of "Women in Love" which Lawrence cancelled, washing my face, cycling home at night, jasmine smell, watching TV with my brothers, bears, when Kevin plans everything, that one Norwegian rap song I know, my dad's awful jokes, Dutch, saying "yay", saying "dude", saying "yoyoyo", hand claps in songs, when I turn on fashion tv during breakfast and they have a Burberry show on, historian jokes, my headphones, comfortable shoes, "Shopping For Blood", holding hands, high fives, singing along, my pony necklace, letters, when people buy me food, Simpsons quotes, explaining aeroplanes to children, lipstick, how my mum sometimes tells me that I'm pretty, short hair, meeting old friends, self timer, this, really great cover versions, watching films I've already seen a gazillion times, gossiping about university politics with my dad, getting out of a plane at Schipol airport, hugging someone after not having hugged them for a long time, how the two boys pose here, cookies icecream, watching French films with Max and then saying "wtfff?", how the librarians already know me, the Franz Ferdinand blog, "The World With Love" by Ali Smith, not falling asleep alone.

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