Wednesday, 25 March 2009

och nu brinner hela skogen

damn, oversleeping again

My brother softly knocked on my door this morning, thus waking me up, and asked if I wanted some tea and breakfast. Then I realised that it was ten and my seminar was going to start in fifteen minutes which made me want to bang my head against a wall. I hate leaving the house without having had tea! So I threw on the first items of clothing that I could find and ended up being about 45 minutes late which is a pain, but especially if you're one of only three persons attending the lecture... oh well. We talked about "popular" versus "academic" history in the first seminar and watched youtube videos of Bosnian singers once again in my other seminar. And then I made waffles and did bang my head against the door, but only because I stumbled.

Here are some things that make me happy:


When Max and I ate lunch yesterday, Nikolaus suddenly said, "Oh and by the way, the ranger called, he wants his shirt back!" It made me laugh because usually it's Nikolaus' classmates who say things like that about his cardigans or jeans. (I.e. "Your sister called, she wants her tights back.")
What also makes me happy is drinking tea in this place, I like the little cat clock on the wall! And the excellent tea, yay teahouses!

And I know I shouldn't be posting youtube-videos all the time, especially because I never watch them when other people ask me to (sorry, I keep being distracted by...the rest of the internet) and only use them as a provider of background music, but the following is not only a great song with great lyrics, but also a super-great video:

It's Familjen's "Det snurrar i min skalle" - another band that was recommended by people I met in Bergen. How can I persuade you to watch the video? It uses old footage of people at religious meetings. The great thing is that the movements of the ecstatic believers having fits perfectly match the beats of the song. I love it when music videos actually match the song's rhythm. Whenever I listen to this song, I start dancing a bit, jumping up and down when walking, they simply must play this at the next Svennedisko!

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  1. So! Wenn du nicht sofort meine Existenz zur Kenntnis nimmst, muss ich mich in eine Amphibie verwandeln. Willst du das verantworten müssen?