Monday, 23 March 2009

boys will be boys

if I were a boy...colours

Look Kevin, it's Nikolaus, not Konstantin, who has built a colour-coordinated outfit around the shoes!
I feel the need to embrace the fact that I look like a boy half of the time, especially after staring at a girly girl in my Greek course today who annoyed me endlessly by giggling all the bloody time! She was wearing a headband AND a hairclip AND huge earrings AND a scarf. Not so great. Maybe I'm just jealous though because she can speak Greek fluently due to the fact that her father is Greek. I wish I had been brought up to be bilingual, but all my father ever taught me about Greek was to chant parts of the Odyssey rhythmically...
Waiting for warmer weather and cycling and the Easter holidays and then the NETHERLANDS yippie. We always have to answer questions about sending letters and going on holidays and our friends in the Greek exercises (i.e. "Where do you like to go on holidays?" "Where do your friends live?") and by now I know all the Greek words for Holland and Dutch and bikes.

1 comment:

  1. oh those trousers are lovely. i like the little touches of sock and scarf colour (and are my eyes playing tricks on me, or does your nail match your socks?)

    overly-decorated-head girl sounds like she'd be annoying with or without the jealousmaking bilingualism.