Saturday, 10 January 2009

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Today I woke up feeling very much under the weather after having nightmares for the third night in a row. These are not nightmares about monsters or Voldemort controlling your mind; these are simply strange dreams based on real life, but turning real life into a humiliating, lonely, sad affair. So I woke up and felt incredibly boring, as you do sometimes - as if your life lacks colour. A bad day, simply.
I read Saki short stories at work which made me laugh, but didn't cheer me up. A visitor told his little son, "Markus! Did you hear that man? Do as you're told!" He was talking about me. Being referred to as a man doesn't cheer me up.
Then my brother came and we took pictures. I love the museum. I'm so happy I work there. The building itself is pretty amazing. Do you see the plane above our heads? I know so many stories about it. It's the one thing I know that makes for interesting small talk: Stories about how planes were modelled on animals and plants, how spiders are inspiring scientists, how long it took monks to write the bible in the middle ages. Well, no, monks are no small talk subject.
So that was good. And then there was skijumping - well, skiflying really - and tea, a combination which seldomly fails to make me feel better.


  1. Ihr seid so schön!

    Vielleicht kennst du das schon, aber schau mal:

  2. Oh noes!

    Dein Weihnachtsgeschenk ist angekommen! Vielleicht hast du Ende nächster Woche mal Zeit für einen schnellen Teetrunk zwischendurch? Dein Rosa macht sich übrigens hervorragend auf meinen Nägeln! (Zur Zeit auf den Zehen, weil meine Hände immer ur rot sind von der Kälte und da rosa nicht schön damit ausschaut...)

  3. Hm, ja gerne Tee! Und überhaupt.

    Freut mich wenn er dir gefällt. Nagellack is was Tolles!

  4. a woman once double checked that she'd walked into the right bathroom when she saw me at the sink. i would have thought that the lack of urinals gave it away, but there you go, short hair and a unfitted t-shirt is obviously exclusively male.

    i am very jealous of your job. and your blog is lovely. (is there meant to be some kind of etiquette for first time commenting? i fear i have probably not abided by it)