Friday, 9 January 2009

Franz Ferdinand - Ulysses

The awkward-but-brilliant screenshots are nothing compared to the video. I love a good music video and I think every band should at least try their best to produce something interesting. Franz Ferdinand's video for their first singles were awesome, but the last ones were kinda disappointing when compared to Darts of Pleasure or Michael. "Ulysses", however, is again great. It's the kind of thing I like seeing on a screen, apart from Belle & Sebastian cuteness of course. Having MTV now for the first time in my life, I'm relieved that soon there'll be at least one video that won't be bland or stupid or soft porn. (Then again I don't watch MTV because they play Kings of Leon/Radiohead/Katy Perry/Beyonce ALL THE TIME ugh ugh ugh no thanks. Speaking of which, Kings of Leon are a great example for an "indie" "rock" band whose video are terribly bland and boring whereas "Ulysses" has got Nick McCarthy in a washing mashine, everyone doing their madman impressions, playing instruments whilst jumping on beds, a cowboy with only one eye, Nick McCarthy in a tree and super-awesome wobbly cameras...none of that "we're a super-successful band, let's make a super-expensive boring video of us performing... I'll stop here.)

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  1. Es is gut. Alex is wieder mal sehr sexy. Wuu.
    Ich musssss jetzt aber wieder Final Fantasy hören.