Thursday, 15 January 2009

Franz Ferdinand interviewing themselves re: new album

I should stop obsessing, but I just couldn't
not post this for a variety of reasons, i.e.
1. swinging microphones
2. stripey socks
3. amazing place to record an album
4. general lolz!!

Sums up why I'm obsessing, actually.
I'll be wearing pants and funny socks and shirts for some time now. If I had done this yesterday, it would have explained why my professor thought I was a man... but I was wearing a short skirt, so it felt slightly bizarre when he first adressed me as Mister and then said, "But it says "Theodor" here!" Cue general amusement!
Back when I was seventeen and first fell for Franz Ferdinand, I bought shirts with odd patterns and tight boyish trousers to try and channel the whole strange look. Possibly not a bright idea, I ended up looking weird and not like four skinny guys who met in Glasgow and started a band. I'll try again though. Sometimes I get so bored with all those frilly dresses... it just seems a lot harder to look extraordinary if you're a man. Any girl can buy a pretty dress and look good, but I guess you really have to make an effort if you're a man.
But that's just my opinion... and what do I know?

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