Wednesday, 14 January 2009

feet in the snow


One of the many reasons why I love the district I live in is that everything seems to go a little bit slower here. This is perfectly obvious as soon as there's snow. When I left the house this morning the streets and sidewalks were completely covered in snow and nobody had bothered to even start clearing it away. Fine with me, what's nicer than being the first one to leave footprints everywhere?? When I returned home around noon, everything looked exactly like when I had left. Nothing happens around here!
It's the same every year: As soon as there's snow, Vienna gets hysterical. Which basically means that the tramways are extremely late. But it's sort of okay to wait for ages when there's so much to look at. And I love love love walking across the campus early in the morning to the farthest corner which is so quiet all the time. In the summer it feels like walking into a forrest because it's so green and secluded and now it's like stepping into a forgotten corner even though you'd just have to walk for a minute to be surrounded by so many people studying French or English or International Relations.


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