Sunday, 4 January 2009

Alone Again (Naturally)

Gilbert O'Sullivan - Alone Again (Naturally)

This has been one of my very favourite songs for years and years. I've got a soft spot for sentimental popsongs, especially when there are violins to be enjoyed. Violins do melt one's heart, don't they??

I mustn't get all soppy and sad though, so I'm curling up with tea and a book and skijumping on the telly, fighting the blues. Here's what I did in the past two weeks:

"Die Siedler"

I played boardgames with my family.

My new hat

I wore this hat and had a laugh.

stroop waffel

I ate lots of sweet stuff. Konstantin is saying, "But these are made of sugar...and sirup...and sugar!!!" Yum.

I can see a lot of light in you

I can see a lot of light in you. I can see a lot of bright in you. And I think that dress looks nice on you.

I let other people set up my AMAZING new alarm clock and watched how my cat got confused by the bird noises which are supposed to wake me up. She just couldn't work out where they came from. It works for waking me up in a gentle way though, and I'm really pleased with it.


Most of the time, I just hung around.Yay!

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  1. haha @ das bild mit dem licht... die apotheose des kevin stadler!
    ich mag apotheosen.

    wo is das schöne? wo?

    ich liebe das o'sullivan lied!