Sunday, 9 November 2008

What I wore this week

You have to touch me with kid gloves

I look about nine years old and I have a cat without any teeth.

Wrecking Force

I hate it more than anything when people look me up and down in the subway. I want to yell at them to please stop because it feels vulgar and impolite.

"They don't care, do they?"

I call this: "Variation of looking miserable on a photograph."

You old eccentric

"Variation with hat." Ahahaha!

I think the very first chords of "Funny Little Frog" are an hommage to the Shangri-La's "I Can Never Go Home Anymore". If that would be true then Belle & Sebastian join Jens Lekman in being blatantly inspired by them, though I suppose chord-similarity is something entirely different from using a chorus as a sample... I love Jens Lekman's almost-criminal-sample-technique more than anything though, it's like a jigsaw puzzle.

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