Tuesday, 11 November 2008

The model with the tragic hair


Heaven knows I was deeply attached to my old haircut, more than was strictly necessary... It's been my constant companion for the past five years after all.

Not French

But this makes me happy as well! The MAC-people loved it too. I feel all empowered and post-feministic! I was so bored with seeing more and more girls sporting the same haircut, my old fear of looking just like everybody else in a crowd made me go all jittery. And then I was sick of being thought of as "cute" or even "pretty" - I got a text the other day saying that I was "the prettiest mod-girl" and it honestly made me want to throw up. Being cute is a soft option in my book! Recently I've been really paranoid when it comes to female stereotypes - absolutely no idea where that came from. Obviously hair is not a political statement - more like a fascination with short-haired girls that turned into saving a gazillion pictures - but it still feels like something different. I also feel like I should thank Andrei & Kevin for being supportive/neutral in a good way. And that rich guy from my Greek course who told me I definitely shouldn't do it because then I couldn't go to balls anymore (?!?): As an anti-endorsement it was supremely helpful, cheers. And now I'll shut up. It's vaguely shocking that there's so much to say about strings of protein filament...


Happy even when my brother takes flashy pictures of me!
Especially as I'm now convinced I'll be on the cover of a Belle & Sebastian single soon!

And now we've seen enough self-indulgent pictures of me. Back to pictures of houses now.


  1. wow, voll cool - auch wenn ich das erste foto sehr mag, weil du da aussiehst wie eine agentin aus einem deutschen constantin film - passt dir der neue haarschnitt wirklich gut! .. du erinnerst mich daran dass ich nach einem jahr auch wieder mal zum friseur gehen sollte (nur hab ich keine ahnung was ich machen will ...) ich finds gut wenn man weiß was man tragen will!