Thursday, 18 September 2008

Nature's a language (can't you read?)

My suitcase has arrived! Mysteriously, I found the September issue of the British Harper's Bazaar in the front pocket - I haven't bought that magazine and have no idea how it found its way into my luggage....

Anyway, I am now equipped with everything I need to charge batteries, upload pictures or brush my teeth. Let me apologise for the livejournal-esque emo post!
To celebrate the return of all my underwear and the stack of second-hand books, I am beating Kevin's attempt to post pictures of Arthur's Seat. The above picture was a failed attempt at taking a picture of the two of us after a random woman tried to sneakily take my picture when I climbed up the hill. It was very confusing and I rather wanted to ask her for prints or pretend that in actual fact I'm a very important person whose face is copyrighted by...someone. Possibly Disney though.

Where we walked up, as seen from the other side of the city. It's such a weird-looking thing!

Almost all the way up at that point. It was a rather warm day, without rain (!). At first it was even sunny. Perfect for walking. The path (or the thing Kevin pretended to be a path) was surprisingly steep and dangerous. We raced up to avoid the first years which we didn't quite manage.

You can see the first years on the hill! The whole thing is much higher than I expected. Brilliant!

I think the sneaky woman might have tried to take pictures of Kevin's awesome outfit, combining vintage Lacoste pieces with things found in an old car.
Anyway, that walk was really good. The only thing that I missed was a good old forest (with only one "r", mind you.) Where are all the trees? Don't let the sun fool you! It rained most days.

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