Tuesday, 19 August 2008

This is for the boy who knows Swedish by now.

This picture was taken in the tramway on our way to Frognerparken. It was packed with enthusiastic children who were on their way to the park as well, to walk around or exercise I suppose. I looked at the houses in the district Frogner slowly moving past. Frogner is the part of Oslo where I stayed a couple of years ago, it's a beautiful, slightly posh district and even though I only spent a few days there, I still remembered everything. The sticker on the window of the tram made me laugh, even more so than the advertisments for a jazz-festival which were everywhere ("Jazz isn't dead, it's just smells funny.") When we got out, I explained the joke to my mum. It was great, being able to understand another language, and as usual these moments made me think of Ali Smith, "and the words for every single thing you could sense around you in the world flashed through your head in another tongue, their undersides glinting like quicksilver."

AND NOW I'M GOING TO CYCLE RECKLESSLY (as long as the sun is still out and about).

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