Thursday, 17 July 2008

What I wore today x 2

I spend a lot of my time in a museum, talking to children about cars and telephones. My contract says that I should wear "appropriate" clothes. I can't say I have ever paid much attention to that. Fourteen year olds from Tyrol may snigger when they see me in green tights and pink shoes, but that might actually help them see me as a proper person, not just any woman in a museum doing a guided tour and being both bored and boring.

However, there are certain things I have to do when short skirts and nice dresses would be wrong. This includes all of the workshops we do - I always end up sitting on the floor (okay for skirts) or splashing colours on self-made paper (ummm) or racing ten-year-olds in little cars which is what I did today. And when action is planned, I always remember the thing about looking appropriate. Especially because I have to wear special shoes now, as well. But these deserve a post of their own. Anyway, this is what I wore today:

You get the reason I 'm not overly fond of wearing trousers in that picture: It always turns me into a boy. A tomboy. As soon as I put trousers on, I turn into who I was when I was ten: A girl among brothers, called "boy" by my own father and preferring boys to girls any day. Trousers, to me, should look boyish. If you cut out my face, this could be my brother, even the moves are his (and so were the words I was saying when he took that picture).

That polo is my beloved Fred Perry, it must be from the 70s because it used to belong to my aunt. Someone recently asked Thorsten and me why we were always praising Fred Perry. Well, this is the only shirt I have ever owned which actually fits me. It's just a perfect cut!

However, as soon as I get home, I usually change into something I wouldn't roll around in the dirt with. This is a t-shirt I got at H&M the other day for two reasons: Firstly, it's organic cotton and the feel of this on your skin is just amazing. I've got a soft spot for...soft cotton. Hmmm. Secondly, remember when all the indie kids used to wear striped tops all - the - time? Even though I was one of them (insert shudder here), I never went along with this because it used to be a proper uniform. However, I have always cherished my one and only navy and white striped shirt (as seen here, for example), whatever the current trend situation in the local indie disco. It might well be one of my favourite items of all time and I figured an equivalent would be a reasonable investment, especially as I'm scared the original might fall apart one day. Hmm, nauticals!
My friend Cat moved into another appartment and we carried some boxes up to the fourth floor. When I rode my bike home, it rained really hard. It never rains like that in Vienna and I was amazed.

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