Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Random wants

Wednesday is a day for random desires.

1. Blue nailpolish. Yes, it's an old hat and no, I usually don't even pay any attention to my nails. When I went to Mississippi years ago I was puzzled that girls my age (which was 16 back then) actually took the trouble to have a manicure once a week - and spend a lot of money on it, too! Totally useless if you're in the habit of sitting down on the sidewalk to fix your bike, as I did today. And yet - I really want dark blue nailpolish! Preferably one that isn't by Chanel, i.e. doesn't cost about 20€.

2. A skirt like this one modelled by Rachael of The Life Aestethic. Has been one of my wants for years and years now and yet...

3. A Swedish cinnamon bun because I imagine there would be nothing better than sitting in the grass and eating these on a random Wednesday evening.

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