Tuesday, 24 June 2008


This is either the most romantic or the scariest thing I've ever seen. I saw this at the bus stop today. It says, "Alina from the U6 [a subway line] Saturday night, 3rd of May 2008. I want to see you again! Greetings, David."
I almost fell over when I saw it. Isn't it just really fantastic? Sure, this David might be a crazy stalker, but he's probably just a hopeless romantic. Awesomeness! And it's such a cool idea just to put that up at the bus stop, hiding the regular street map thing! I wonder if there are signs all over the city, the U6 is a long way from that bus stop.
The weirdest thing I've ever seen concerning such matters was an announcement in a local weekly paper which was there for weeks on end. It was by a man who had apparently seen - and only seen - a woman in a bar and had become obsessed with her from afar. Apparently he had never spoken to her, but he could remember in detail what she wore and what kind of accent she had. So he ran this ad in the paper and asked to her to write him an e-mail. It wasn't cute anymore, more scary.

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  1. das is wunderbar. aber die emailadresse - "desiro_boy"???