Sunday, 8 June 2008


Thank god the European championship is finally upon us. I've been counting the days, quite simply because parts of the Inner city are now closed for tramways, cars and bycicles. But also because I do love big football events. My home always turns into a weird sort of of open house. You never know who'll be there to watch the games, but there's always something going on. There are bets and discussions and fights, it's awesome.
I haven't figured out yet which teams I keep my fingers crossed for. Last time I counted I felt like supporting eight countries. Switzerland might just be my favourite though, even if they, like Austria, seem doomed to fail. At least they, like Austria, are probably going to fail honourably.

Amusing anecdote about my name: I hear it getting mixed up with other names (Dorothea, Isadora and completely random names like Theresa or Dolores) all the time, but yesterday a guy actually thought that I said "au revoir" instead of introducing myself. It still makes me laugh. Maybe I can use this as an alias of sorts.

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