Thursday, 12 June 2008


Oh, man.
Yesterday work was great once again. We ate ice-cream, made paper planes, decided that we're a gang and need secret codes, listened to our "boss" Thorsten's updates about Portugal vs. the Czech Republic and had insanely sane talks about clothes and love. I'll miss this.
However, the week in Norway is starting to take shape and I'm really looking forward to walking the streets of Oslo again and finally trying out my Norwegian on real people. Kosovo shall be planned as well soon-ish. The best thing is that I've worked like mad and now have the choice of going somewhere else as well, maybe on my own, just for a weekend. All my friends seem to be going to far-off places - Lisi is going to spend a month in Barcelona for example. I'm so looking forward to the summer. It's nice to not have any fixed plans for once. And I do need a break.
Tomorrow, for example, I've got a seminar that's going to last all day. Fifteen presentations! I already feel like...running away. Due to random luck (and my definite preference of late antiquity over the middle ages) my presentation is the first. Then I'll allow myself the luxury to start daydreaming about forrests and lakes.

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