Friday, 16 May 2008

Zusammen weg von hier

A debut: For the first and very possibly last time ever I'm recommending an Austrian band with German lyrics. They're playing a concert at my friend Andrei's clubnight right now, but due to bad planning and severe exhaustion I'm in bed.
I'm not a fan of German or Austrian music - you might say I'm heavily prejudiced, but I just never got into it. But then there's Mob. I keep going back to their myspace to listen to their songs, especially "Sterne" and "Dunkeltiefundschwer". Maybe it's the fact that there are proper melodies and not just faux-intellectual lyrics here, or maybe I just like the voice and sound in general. All I can say for now is that I do recommend listening to their songs once or twice. This is neither Tocotronic nor Günther for you!

Mob - Zusammen weg von hier

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  1. ich fühle mich geehrt und werde das sehr gerne tun! :-) hab nur heute keine zeit dafür, muss bei einer agape kellnerieren!