Thursday, 8 May 2008

Wednesday fun

Yesterday was quite lovely. I meant to document the whole day, but only managed to get about three pictures. It was one of those wonderful May days again and nothing special happened. As you can see, I like my mornings to be filled with certain amounts of shampoo, newspapers and milk in my tea.
Then there was university and cycling about, being disappointed by another perfume ("Basil" by Marc Jacobs - great idea in theory, but doesn't smell like basil on me) and getting my hair cut. Then I picked my colleague Benedikt up from work and we got an ice-cream. His had raisins in it and we weren't sure why. We just sat around for a couple of hours on my favourite secret place in the Inner City. Not many people go there and yet it's in one of the oldest quarters of the city, very quiet and very beautiful. Benedikt is a philosophy student and quite extravagant in his preferences. We went to a music shop where I saw this:

All-time chart hits arranged for ukulele! Very cool.

Benedikts feet and my bag. He went to Canada a couple of months ago and came back with a longboard which is a lot of fun. Back in the day when I was a young and carefree teenager (haha) I had a skateboard. I could only do the most basic of jumps, but at least I was able to steer it. What with having watched Paranoid Park and all those skaters, of course I had to try it out. In the end Benedikt cycled on my bike and I held fast to it, letting him drag me along. It was so much fun!

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