Thursday, 8 May 2008


I seem to be wearing one of my Jens Lekman t-shirts every other day, they're just the only t-shirts with prints I find acceptable right now. My sunglasses make people laugh, Benedikt couldn't stop when he first saw me wearing them because he said I looked "funny". That's fine with me.
I keep seeing a boy on the campus who's glasses are an even worse sort of 80s chic. Of course I'd prefer to wear something with a bit more class like Alex Kapranos here. God, I miss that orange shirt. But if there's one thing that seems unfathomable to me, it's paying a lot of money for sunglasses. Oh, and bags. I like both of them cheap and packed with memories. My sunglasses make me happy every time I put them on because they remind me of a really good time.

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