Thursday, 1 May 2008

We do it in our own way

This is Willowtree from Stockholm. They played a free concert at Svennedisko yesterday. I didn't know their music before, but I was fairly impressed by the gig, I would gladly have paid to see them. They were so good! Really dancy Swedish synthie pop, as Andrei said. The singer's voice was great and I do like it when a band seems to make an effort to please the crowd which they really did.
The video is really nice as well, possibly because I'm a bit obsessed with handmade music videos in which you just see the band fooling around - this might be the reason why I love Belle and Sebastian's "Fans Only" so much. The girl with the black hair who's shown dancing is actually one of the Svennedisko DJs, funny!

After the concert I hung about with Kevin and Andrei a bit before walking to the Schwedenplatz where I had parked my bike. Kevin and I tried doing it the Dutch way, i.e. with him cycling and me sitting on the back of the bike - the other way round hadn't worked at all because we fell over immediately as soon as I tried to get on. Kevin claims that I'm too heavy and that it was really hard to steer the bike. Now I wonder if Dutch bikes are just made for carrying two persons or if Kevin is just too weak.

Cycling home in the dead of night through half the city is a weird thing. It was really windy and the atmosphere was quite strange. At one point, I stopped noticing that I was on a bike at all (possibly after I decided that cycling with lights is bloody torture because the dynamo is a really mean thing!), I sailed along on the sidewalks (the concrete is so much smoother!) and enjoyed not having the wind fight against me anymore. I randomly thought of music and photography and people. It was a surprise when my front door suddenly appeared before me.

Working in the football exhibition has strange effects on people. I test my balance every time and I'm the champ! My record is 176 % - none of the others have beat me so far. It's so much fun, you wouldn't believe it!

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