Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Tuesday music

When I went to Oslo almost two years ago, the record shop I found was one of the sights that amazed me the most. To have a whole section of Scandinavian music was quite fantastic. When I go there this year, I plan to spend some serious money on good indie pop. Meanwhile, here's some free music from the rather awesome indie-mp3. These days, I discover almost all new bands through that blog. I do recommend it. These two songs are favourites this week:
The Radio Dept apparently have a new single out, Freddie and the Trojan Horse. Finally some Radio Dept one can dance to! In a weird, comatose way at least. I was afraid I'd be disappointed because I like them so much, but this one is great.
Then there's Northern Portrait who are, surprisingly, Danish which so far had been the only Scandinavian country I hadn't thought to connect indie pop with. I keep playing Crazy though. It's just SUCH A GREAT SONG with all the jangly Johnny Marr guitars. Completely irresistible. I was incredibly tempted to spend a whole lot of money on their EP, but I've done that a lot recently with fairly mixed results - though I suppose that may be attributed to my being so obsessed with Orange Juice by now that listening to anything else seems highly inappropriate. Which, in turn, makes those other songs I do listen to extra-special. Well, anyway. "Crazy" is perfect for spring and I wish I had an ipod so I could listen to it at all times.

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