Tuesday, 6 May 2008

"That place is scary, man!"

When I first saw this picture in a newspaper article about new films shown in Cannes, I knew I wanted to see the film it belonged to, whichever one that might be. It turned out to be Paranoid Park by Gus van Sant which I would have watched for sure anyway.

I just watched it again with Andrei in a tiny cinema with only three other people.

It's so good it makes my skin tingle a bit. I usually don't get that excited about nice pictures in a film though obviously I do enjoy beautiful shots. But in general I prefer dialogue, or I used to do that before Elephant came along. Paranoid Park is, well...even more so. It's as if you're being drowned with impressions and images, only it's a good way to drown.

There's no way I am able to resist a movie where you see a boy skating with an umbrella. And those kids who were hired as actors are amazing.

I still get my kicks out of words though. W.H. Auden apparently said that "words so excite me that a pornographic story, for example, excites me sexually more than a living person can do."
Hmm, words.

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