Wednesday, 28 May 2008


One of these days I'll post all the pictures I took in the Department for Greek Studies, but not today. Here are some random things:
We got two cakes and a loaf of bread at work today because there was an event by a bakery. Free cake! Amazing.
This is my new summer skirt, it was ridiculously cheap and caused several odd conversations about hips and other things.
When I phoned my father yesterday at noon and asked if he wanted to get an ice-cream, his reply was, "Yes, great, sure. Where? Where... I can't decide right now, I just had a glass of champagne and feel all dizzy." Birthday parties at the university - instant debauchery when classical philologists take part.
We ate ginger chocolate at work today because my description of how it tastes was so vivid that the guys insisted on trying it out. Then they imitated what I am like when I'm enthusiastic about something - apparently I jump a lot, yay!
Ancient christianity is so interesting! It's not as great as anything involving the megali idea, but still...

Oh, and it's almost too hot to cycle already, but then again there's nothing better than cycling very slowly in the shade and looking at all those lazy, happy people. Today I sat in the park for hours reading about late antiquity and it was such bliss to be out of the library again for the first time in a month. Happy happy!

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