Friday, 11 April 2008

White collar girl

This poster is haunting me. Can you see the woman running after the tram?

If I work any more, no matter if it's university or the museum, I might
a) get a heart attack
b) suffer a nervous breakdown
c) start wearing pants all the time as we are not allowed to wear skirts in the museum
d) loose all my friends
e) loose a lot of weight.

On the upside, I earned money and had a very uplifting talk with my favourite professor, all in one day.
However, what I'd really like to do on warm, sunny days like this one involves ice cream and my current favourite place in Vienna: The steps of what used to be the university before Franz Joseph built the Ringstraße.

1 comment:

  1. schade dass wir uns heute nicht sehen konnten, du hast ein köstliches essen deiner mutter verpasst! aber ich weiß, dass du gerade viel arbeitest - trotzdem bestehe ich auf ein extratreffen :-) !