Wednesday, 9 April 2008


For those who can't read Swedish:
A: Look, there he is!
B: Yes, come Iris. We'll go over and talk to him.
A: Nooo! Leave me be! I don't want to talk to him!
B: What?
A: I only want to stand here and feel happy.
B: Jesus.

My knowledge of Swedish isn't great, but I think I still got it and it's great. niotillfem posted it the other day. It's pretty much what I feel like when I'm in love.

Speaking of love, "Give Him A Great Big Kiss" by the Shangri-Las is so amazing. The lyrics make me laugh every single time. The beginning is cut off, it starts with the singer saying, "When I say I'm in love you'd best believe I'm in love l-u-v."

There a really cool live performance on youtube as well. Isn't the MWAH-sound the coolest thing?

My favourite part is this one:
"What colour are his eyes?"
"I don't know, he's always wearing shades."

It makes me want to dance. I want to dance! The other day I made myself a tape and I keep wanting to shake my hips in the tramway.

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