Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Dude, wtf??

This is really only of interest to people who know me in real life and thus have a notion of what I do to earn money for university.
The new exhibition starts in two days and me and the other tutors spent all day in the museum. It's in another building which is completely new territory to all of us. It's an exhibition about football.
After a month of no special exhibition and thus no work as a tutor, it was rather brilliant to see my colleagues again. Benedikt, Katrin and I almost immediately made the same silly jokes. It's so nice to know people who actually like seeing you and tell you to do one more shift so that we can work together. For this reason, I'm going to work at the big opening on Thursday which is supposedly going to be attended by a bunch of politicians, media people an football players.

Anyway, apart from the joy of seeing old people again and meeting new people who I now feel slightly less dubious about, there's this:

We've got to wear t-shirts. This is nothing new, we had to wear big, yellow standard t-shirts before. But now, the museum got these little numbers. Boys still get nice normal ones, but girls...get those. It's stretchy, it's tight. Apparently you can't wear anything under it. It's really small as well, I have no clue how anybody who's not stick-thin is going to avoid looking indecent. And it makes me look like I'm about to lift some weights.
The worst thing, though, is that I've got to wear it when I'm doing guided tours as well. I feel naked! What about that print and that weird asymetric thing on one side?
I suppose I'll get used to it.

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