Friday, 4 April 2008

And we're both just skin and bones

When I'm tired, I get sentimental. In a huge, embarrassing way. I just spent a day at university and immediately after that I worked at the opening of the new exhibition. I can't see straight anymore, I didn't have a single proper break today. But what I do know is that nothing amazes me more than people. Two of my colleagues are so wonderful, at one point we were just rolling around on the floor together. We're trying to get shifts with each other and stuff. I'm not even making any sense here, it's just so nice to be happy with people. For a while I thought that I'd be miserable in every single friendship simply because I'm always miserable and going home crying with the one important friend I had. But with these colleagues, everything is easy and relaxed and I'm always laughing and happy and they don't even know any other me, Benedikt laughed really hard when I told him that some of my friends tell me I'm emo because, well, I'm not. Not at work. I like this happy me. It's great.
I'll probably delete this tomorrow oh my god.

But I do love this song SO SO SO SO SO MUCH. The lyrcis are so nice. Don't they make you want to fall in love? I mean, the kind of falling in love that I'd like. Just sort of appreciating someone's presence and laughing with each other. Man. That was great. It's a great song. The Lucksmiths are wonderful. I'm singing the last part to myself all the time. I'd like to have breakfast in the middle of the afternoon.

If it’s not raining you can see right down the hill from my friend’s window
To the church at the foot of the council flats that I pass when I walk home
And here I am with time on my hands and newsprint on my elbows
And she’s all heart
But I’m all thumbs
And we’re both just skin and bones

My life is changing
Sometimes it feels as though it changes with the weather
It was winter for a while but now the sun is shining through
She laughs at that old saying ‘let a smile be your umbrella’
I tell her ‘the next time that it’s raining I will hold it over you’

I like the way that she looks at me
I like every little bit of this
When she’s here I’m always happy
And when she’s not I’m happyish

Today it’s raining
There is nowhere I would rather be than this room
Let’s close the doors until the air hangs heavy with wet wool
I’m feeling reckless: let’s have breakfast in the middle of the afternoon
She’s all smiles
And I’m also
And we’re always wonderful

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